Sometimes it's right to explore some planned and well traveled trails. Sure, there can be fun in foraging your own way. But some itineraries are awesome and well traveled simply because they are great. Here are 3 awesome backpacking itineraries around the world; one easy, one in the middle, and one so hard you need to be a bit crazy to try it. 

Easy – The Overland Track – Australia –Approximately 6 Days

Mount Ossa Tasmania 2

This well traveled trek takes your through the Tasmanian Wilderness and is considered the most famous bush walk in Australia. You'll start at Cradle Valley to Lake St. Clair. Around Cradle Valley you will see a timeless rainforest set around Crater Lake which was formed by glaciers. After you pass Crater Lake, if the skies are clear, you'll be able to see Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake resting at its base. 

As the days roll by you'll see thriving forests, swimming holes, mines, waterfalls, and more. These unique landscapes are adorned with gorgeous animals, beautiful plant life, and a landscape that is always flowing and changing. This makes the Overland Track a great way to spend a week seeing sights that you will never forget. 

Packing for this is trip is rather easy. You won't endure terrible trails so you can pack a little bit of extra gear without worrying about slowing down. There are plenty of places to relax, take breaks, and sleep so if you have the time you can easily go slow and really enjoy the landscape at your own pace. 

Medium – John Muir Trail – California –Approximately 21 Days

John Muir Trail-20 (4897076796)

The John Muir Trail offers the best piece of the Pacific Crest Trail, going from Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney. When you begin your trip down the John Muir Trail you will suffer the worst of it straight away with large gains in elevation. After the first day the trail will equal out some. 

Bathed in sunlight you will come across many national parks including Yosemite, King Canyon, and the Sequoia National Park just to name a few. If you wanted to make your trip last longer you could spend weeks and weeks at any one of these national parks. 

As your 21 days pass, you will find yourself amongst some of the most beautiful mountains and canyons this world has to offer. Usually to see sights of this level of beauty you have to endure horrible weather conditions, but on the John Muir Trail you will find sun and warmth to accompany you most of the time. 

This trip will require a more calculated approach than The Overland Track. Not only will you be out there longer but you will have to learn how to balance your miles per day with the amount of weight you have. But if you have some good experience backpacking and have the extra time, the John Muir Trail offers some of the most beautiful experiences on earth. 

Difficult – Gates of the Arctic National Park –Alaska

Gates of the Arctic National Park, Brooks Range, Alaska

There are no roads or trails while you are out at the Gates of the Arctic. Because of that there is no real set amount of time. You can explore for as long as you want and at over 13,000 square miles that can be a lot of exploring. How big is 13,000 square miles? Well, it's bigger than the State of Maryland. 

You can begin at the high plateau near the Arctic Divide. Here you will find towering peaks reaching towards the skies with massive lakes formed out by glaciers so many years ago. Follow the Alanaa River into the mountains where you will find a plethora of waterfalls, crags, and unique wildlife. Once you find your way through the mountains you will find massive plateaus and lakes.  

Here you are over 150 miles away from the closest village and over 300 miles away from the closest road. To say you will be immersed in the landscape is an understatement. Here you will bind to it, become it, and breathe it. If you want to truly taste exploration without any meddled flavors of society and amenities, this is the place for you. Just you, the land, and the infinite sky above you.

You must have good experience, be well learned, and be well prepared to endure this challenge. You'll need a lot of gear and supplies if you want to go deep into this landscape. Make a strong plan and stick to it. Each step you go out is another step you must take again to get back. 

These 3 backpacking trips offer something unique and special for each type of backpacker. No matter how fun and interesting creating a new path may be, these itineraries are popular and well traveled for a reason. It's the only place you can see these sights and experience the beauty that is kept deep within.