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How to Make (and Take) Great Coffee Anywhere

By: Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez, Gawker Media for Lifehacker, published August 19, 2013. Click here for full article.

Jetboil Flash and Coffee Press

"Ounces make pounds, pounds equal pain." It's a Marine aphorism about the importance of traveling light-somewhere between a life philosophy and a bit of practical wisdom on how to pack before a mission. It was this bit of advice that originally led us to the Jetboil, a metal canister that attaches to a small fuel tank and can boil a liter of water in just a few minutes. It weighs less than 12 ounces, it packs down into itself to save space, and best of all, you can get a French press attachment.

The Jetboil is a great solution for making coffee when you're camping. And whether it's an overnight trip to the beach or an extended trek through the mountains, there's nothing quite like sipping great coffee out in nature as you watch the sunrise. But if fresh air and space to think aren't your style, the Jetboil is also a great companion for your next urban camping adventure. If you're protesting the latest Supreme Court decision, or waiting in line for a chance to buy the newest iPhone, having a Jetboil and fresh coffee is sure to make you a crowd favorite.

Flash Java Kit - $99.95, click 

  • Includes Flash Cooking System, Coffee Press, and one coffee sample pack