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By: Heather Hansman for Men's Journal, published April 28, 2014.  Click here for full article.

With their combined stove and mug setups, Jetboil's backcountry-specific cooking systems have always been light and fast. But their usefulness was limited: They only boiled a liter of water – barely enough for a full French press, and definitely not enough for a pasta feast at a crowded campsite.

Now there's a bigger option. The new Jetboil Joule has all the benefits of previous Jetboil set-ups – it weighs 28 oz, and boils a liter of water in two minutes and forty seconds – but its capacity is 2.5 times larger. That means you can have mac n' cheese for your whole group ready in less than five minutes when you're tired, cold, and hungry.

It performs well in tough conditions, too. In frigid temps in Utah it didn't falter, and its inverted canister design means it's less susceptible to wind than upright designs. And unlike a lot of compact stoves, it has a simmer function – an added benefit for those times you want to make something more complex than macaroni.