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All-Season Camp Stove

By: Steve Casimiro of National Geographic, published April 30th, 2014.  Click here for full article.  


Sometimes good ol' human ingenuity trumps the power of high technology.  Take, for example, an avalanche backpack that uses a simple fan to inflate its airbag, eliminating the need for heavy and complex gas canisters.  Or a stove that gets better cold-weather performance by turning its fuel upside down.  Or a headlamp that better illuminates by letting its lens float.  To be sure, this season's best gear has plenty of gee-whiz technology behind it, but its great ideas are leading the way.

Canister stoves are the bee's knees. They're lightweight, require little maintenance, and perform flawlessly - except in very cold weather, when the aerosol fuel can falter.  Jetboil, which has revolutionized the featherweight kitchen, tackles the subzero blues with its new Joule, designed for group cooking.  The Joule turns the gas canister on its head, feeding liquid fuel into the system, routes the fuel line through the stove's flame to warm it, then vaporizes it at the cooking surface.  It's clever and very, very efficient.  Now we'd just like to see it in a solo setup - with a two quart pot and 25-ounce weight, the Joule is definitely a base camp stove.