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By: Peter Reese, Active Junky, published on October 24th, 2013.  Click here to read full article.


JETBOIL is never far from blazing the trail, stove-wise. SOL, with the integrated .8L pot and ability to use other cookware, reaches a full boil in a little over 2 minutes even at over 6,000ft. With an ultralight system bested only by Jetboil’s titanium version, SOL is a solid platform for canister-based cooking.

Testers favored SOL’s nesting and base support system as well as a reliable self-igniter that even larger hands could reach. Designed to focus heat for maximum efficiency, SOL’s strength meant some finesse – and patience – were required to engage and remove the pot. Fast heating. Good fuel efficiency. Enough temperature control to dial down to an aggressive simmer. SOL covered touring, trekking and paddling kitchen duty with common sense and unusual performance.